How To Sew A Blind Hem

A blind hem stitch is used a lot in home sewing projects.  It is mostly used for side and bottom hems of shades and draperies.  The blind hem can also be used to hem a skirt or pair of pants in place of hand stitching. Most sewing machines today have a blind stitch setting.  You can choose … Read more

Make This Pretty Roman Shade

We recently moved into a new home so I am very busy making draperies for each of the rooms.  My current project is to make roman shades for a guest room.  I wanted the style to look very clean and simple, so I have opted to make the most basic of all roman shades – the flat roman shade.   … Read more

Easy To Make Cafe Curtains on a French Rod

In an effort to provide us with the privacy we needed without cutting out light I made these café style curtains and hung them on a French rod in the front windows of our house.  I installed the French Rod level with the mutton bar on the casement window so as not to create another visual line within … Read more