Let’s Sew! Getting Ready To Sew the Kendra Dress

Today I am excited to announce the beginning of our Kendra Dress sew-along.  This sew-along will consist of several posts which will break the instructions down into detailed step-by-step directions with LOTS of photographs!!!  I would love for you to follow along!!

For directions and tips on how to assemble the 'print-at-home' version of the PDF sewing pattern click here.

Supplies you'll need to make the Kendra Dress

  • Kendra PDF Sewing Pattern – Print at home or at the copy shop

  • Fabric – Note the fabric width requirement for your size

  • Lining for the bodice

  • 16″ regular or invisible zipper – The pattern instructions are for a centered standard zipper.  However, please note that an invisible zipper works great and looks really nice on this dress.

  • Thread

Choosing your fabric

Due to the princess-seams and the construction of the full pleats of this pattern, the fabric recommendation is a medium weight fabric that has body.  Suggested fabrics are satin, brocade, cotton sateen (with a little stretch is okay), bottom weight cotton poplin, medium weight linen, or suiting wool are a few good choices.  This pattern is NOT suitable for fabric that has a lot of drape.

Due to the width of the skirt, your fabric needs to be at least 54″/55″ (Sizes 0-12) and 58″/60″ (Sizes 0-20).

For the lining, a light cotton voile or silky fabric will work just fine.

Refer to the fabric requirement chart for how much fabric to purchase.

Tools of the trade

  • Sewing Machine

  • Serger (optional)

  • Marking Pencil or Wax Paper & Tracing Wheel

  • Pins

  • Fabric Shears

  • Paper Scissors & Tape (if you are taping your pattern together)

  • Machine Sewing Needle

  • Hand Sewing Needle

  • Seam Ripper

  • Standard Zipper Foot

  • Invisible Zipper Foot (if you decide to insert an invisible zipper)

  • Tape Measure

  • Iron

  • Pressing TAILORS HAM* (optional but recommended!)

*One tool that I highly recommend that you use for sewing anything, including the Kendra dress is a **TAILORS HAM.  You will see one used in many of the sew-along tutorials.  It really does result in a professional finish, but also makes pressing the seams much easier.  They are not expensive to buy and you will use it again and again.  I couldn’t do without mine!!!

Preparing your fabric

If you plan to wash your dress, then you will probably want to pre-wash your un-cut fabric and lining to avoid shrinkage after it is sewn.  Pay attention to the fiber content of your fabric to determine whether your fabric can or should be washed or dry cleaned.

The Kendra dress is our first pattern release, and we cannot believe the incredible response that we have had so far.  Thank you to everyone who has already purchased the pattern and for all the kind words of encouragement!!

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