Adley Shirt Sew-Along: Cuffs and Sleeves, Part 2


Today marks the final post of the Adley shirt sew-along.   We have covered a lot of ground.  We’ve learned how to ‘stitch in the ditch’, insert a yoke using the ‘burrito method’, and I have talked a lot about my favorite pressing tools.  In today’s post I will walk you through every detail sharing my … Read more

Adley Shirt Sew-Along: Cuffs and Sleeves, Part 1


The Adley shirt has a classic shirt cuff with a two piece sleeve placket and a drop shoulder set-in sleeve.  It is surprisingly easy to insert a sleeve placket.  Get a clean and professional look using this tutorial as a guide. SLEEVE PLACKET I prefer a two-piece sleeve placket application, rather than a one-piece like … Read more

Adley Shirt Sew-Along: Side Seams and Hem

Another pretty detail of the Adley shirt is in the hemline.  The rounded front hem is in contrast to the lower square hem in the back.  This simple turned hem looks soft and relaxed and is easy to sew!  Please follow along for more details. Side Seams With right sides together, pin front and back … Read more

Adley Shirt Sew-Along: Neckline Bias Binding

I love the simplicity of the Adley shirt neckline which is finished with a pretty self fabric bias binding.  To get this clean look follow along with this tutorial as I will guide you through the process to get a smooth curve.  Sometimes the simplest looking details can be the most difficult to achieve only … Read more

Adley Shirt Sew-Along: Darts, Pleats, and Back Yoke

Do you know how to use the ‘burrito method’ to sew a yoke?  If you don’t please read this post to see how it is done.  It leaves the inside of your garment looking as great as the outside of your garment.  And the best part is it is pretty easy to do!! FRONT DARTS: … Read more