Inserting a Shirt Front Placket


I am about to release a new shirt pattern that has a front placket detail so I wanted to do a tutorial on how to insert a placket. I have used white thread intentionally in this tutorial so it is easier to see my stitches.  Ordinarily I would match the thread to my fabric so … Read more

Kendra Dress Round-Up and Springtime Sale


In celebration of the start of spring, the Kendra Dress is on sale until Sunday, April 1st. Buy Pattern 25% Off Although I am not new to pattern making or sewing, I am new to the indie pattern designer scene, and can I just say, it is so much fun!  I am so thrilled when … Read more

Kendra Dress Sew-Along: Zipper and Hem Facing


This sew-along includes instructions for inserting both a regular centered zipper (as per the pattern instructions) and an invisible zipper (as an alternative zipper application). Centered Zipper (as included in Pattern Instructions) Pattern Instruction STEP 21 Being careful to keep the lining free, baste along the center back seam from the circle on the skirt … Read more

Kendra Dress Sew-Along: Attaching the Skirt to the Bodice


Pattern Instructions STEP 20 Being careful not to catch the bodice lining, with rights sides together, and raw edges even, pin the skirt to the bodice, matching the side seams, the center front seam, and the princess seams.  On the back the princess seams of the skirt should line up with the back darts.  Baste.  … Read more

Kendra Dress Sew-Along: Skirt Pockets, Back Seam and Side Seams

The following is a detailed tutorial on how to sew the skirt side seams and pockets of the Kendra Dress sewing pattern. Please note that in the following tutorial the raw edges are NOT finished because my serger sewing machine was being serviced at the time that I wrote this tutorial. Pattern Instructions STEP 15 … Read more